Lost data after update from 6 to 7

Ok so a little backstory. I have a client that ran eM Client 6 and email was working good. She had a ton of folders and email stored in Local Folders. She got the notification to update to version 7 so she went ahead and did that. After the update it went to do the import from version 6 and while it was in progress, she decided she didn’t want to wait and cancelled the import. 

Now after doing a bunch of reading, what I should’ve done was just done another import from version 6, but at that point I did not realize that’s what he had done. I went and did a restore from backup, thinking it was going to ask me which backup to restore to but it went and restored it from the latest backup. That backup is over a year old so there is a ton of missing email right now. 

I haven’t deleted any data in the folder so I’m just curious, is that version 6 data all gone now or where is it? And how do I restore it? Do I have any hope or am I screwed?

Version 7 does not delete version 6 data, so you should be able to import.  Menu/file/import and select eM Client 6.  The issue here, however, is did you restore the version 6 database over the version 6 database on your system?  If so, you may have lost everything done after your last backup.

I wondered about that. 

One thing I have been able to do is use shadow explorer and find the data files from before the update happened but when I try to use those files it says the database is corrupt. Any thoughts on that?

Not sure about that.  It could be new data has been written over parts of the original file and thus it has been corrupted.  Sorry I can’t be more help.

Ok. Thanks for the replies Jay.

Well I’m going to grab the data and play with it on my computer over the weekend. If you or anyone else have tried this and have any insight, please let me know.