Lost contact list

eM Client 7.0.25587.0.  First, I typed in over 100 contacts (name and email address) into a list under the contacts tab ( top right of screen.  Then I selected about 80 of them and created what I thought was a distribution list.  Third, I noticed that some of the contact in the original list were duplicated.  Forth I noticed that the list was only about 70 - 80% shown.  Fifth, I noticed that the list was only about half there.  Still referring to whole whole list.  Then I tried to “repair” the list.  The whole thing disappeared.  Except about 10 contacts which include some but not all of those included in the distribution list.  Does anyone know how to recover the contact list (there seems to be no way to import it from Windows Live Mail, which doesn’t work anymore due to loss of support., or finding another email program with more robust contact handling capability?  eM Client handles the messages just fine.