lost archived emails

I carried out the auto archive on my gmail and it showed emails being downloaded but, at the end there is no archive folder, on screen or and file in the EM prog folders, so the emails have vanished.  I have also selected individual emails and used move to archive on the Mark drop down and they immediately vanish but, again, there’s no sign of the archive.

Not sure why it didn’t work Paul, but these are two different things.

Move to archive is a Gmail function that moves the message to an archive folder on you Gmail account. If it is not visible, try right-click on the All Mail folder and choose Properties > Repair. Maybe the cache has not synced. You can also use the web interface and see if it is visible there.

Automatic archiving moves the message from your Gmail account to a local folder, which should be listed below the other account folder trees. You may want to check your settings and ensure the scope is set for the correct folders. If you have not set the scope, nothing will happen.

Also with a Gmail account, if you are missing messages, look in the All Mail folder and see if they are there.

The way Gmail works is that your message all exist in that folder, and by the use of labels they are separated into virtual folders that you see as Inbox, Sent etc. Sometimes when moving a message, and this has happened regularly with eM Client, the label is removed from the message and the new one has not been added. In that case the message just remains in All Mail.