Lost all of my files when I restored my computer

I had to restore my computer yesterday and when I did all my previous EM client emails were gone??? How do I retrieve them. When I finished restore EM said I had a newer version update and I had to do an install and then lost everything. Please help !!!


you have reinstalled whole computer? If so then now you will need to use File - Restore… from your backup you have created before.

If you have no backup then create new account and it will synchronize data you have on server back to eM Client.

But if you have not made backup and you have no data on the server then unfortunately they are lost.

or (based by your 2nd sentence) you have updated eM Client only and it erased all your data? Becase we do not delete database even on unninstall and it has to be done manually - eM Client does not have code to database delete.
So in this case have you moved your database from standard location to another?


Hi John, thanks for your reply. Please be kind to an old lady here that dosent really understand.

I restored my computer and after that process EM client wouldnt open because it said I had done an update so I needed to accept to do this. When the update completed, my mail info was intake as was my contact list, but ALL of my email files are gone. I have created folders for different info I was saving. None of those showed up. That is what I am trying to find?

If you could walk me thro that, I would be very grateful. Regards, Erica

Ok, I will try to describe it better for you.

by “I restored my computer…” what do you mean? Complete reinstall or restart or anything else?

And also please look into this folder C:\Users\ current user \AppData\Roaming\eM Client if you have any data there (or even if you still have this folder - all your data are located in it).

if you will not be able to find “AppData” folder you can turn it by this instruction http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/wi…

I will write you what to do next (if there will be anything to be done) based on your answers to this, because I am having hard time imagine what do you mean by “restored computer”


i just realized that none of my messages are in the sent folder now since I restarted this program also nothing in the trash. It is like my account dosent exist anymore, but I can send and receive, Just nothing shows up in the email program.

If may chime in - try re-doing the system restore now back to what it was. It should have saved your last restore point. Then backup emclient,copy back files to a backup drive, and then do the system restore again to the desired earlier point.


yes, this could help, but I am not sure if she has not deleted her emails and then synchronized with server.


Hi, and do you still have them on the server? Can you access them from web browser interface?