Lost all my em client folders when transferring to a new laptop

My laptop decided to die. Files were saved/run and backed up on a second d drive to keep safe in case of retrieval. They seem to be intact ?. This file by date seems to be ok prior to full death of my laptop.

Reloaded em Client and files from my Google account that hadn’t been filed under named folders were fine.

Under named folders I had about 50 files which Google hasn’t listed as they were being stored within client software.

Under your instructions in settings lifted the saved/used data and pasted into the name folder being used by new em client under roaming.

The data file of about 3 5gb won’t transfer as it says that file is only compatible with an older version.

How can I find out what version that is to run so it can read the data and see the folder files?

Are the folders saved in your data base separate from my drives ? Does client save my data on your system,?

I need help to retrieve these folder files as they hold important data.

The saved folder is about 8gb.
I don’t want to play about with things I might damage.

Can under settings/Storage point the em client to run the data from this saved file.? Or will that not work as it could be not comparable with the version of client I’m running.

Simplistic instructions would be very helpful.

As I understand it. Once a email is stored into a named folder it disappears off the Google inbox folder … off radar ! Apart from where the was using the data is there anywhere else it is stored. I seem to remember the program running in sync mode and took that it was uploading onto your system for backup?


Cris Winter

You can’t just copy individual files and paste them into a database. That will not work. You need the whole database folder if you copied it like that (and it needs to have been copied when eM Client was closed) or you can restore a backup.

To restore a backup, use Menu > File > Restore. It will restore on the same or newer version of eM Client, so just make sure you are using the latest version which you can install from here: https://www.emclient.com/dist/latest/setup.msi

Thank you Gary.

When restoring is there a specific file to aim at? I notice that there is a file called "Folders " which is rather large and should be holding all the files not currently been listed… This em client is the folder currently being used but hasn’t or seem to have uploaded the entire data. When things appear to be e going right i tend to forget to be vigilant in backing up my data. We learn by our mistakes
Thank you for helping

restoring possibly an old back up file that should hold the main bulk of folders ! When restoring there is no option asking which file to restore ! How do I point the restore command in this direction. What format is the back up file … zip ?

loaded the latest version. emclient-v9.2.1628.

Your instruction differs from what’s given in the restore on em client. No choice is given as to “what to what version data base to restore”

I tried what you suggested but it wouldn’t load up as it said the files were done on an older version ?


I am not sure what you are doing but it does not look correct,
The backup file is ZIP and should be similar to backup_202303010900.zip
This is used as @Gary said: Menu > File > Restore

To run this file: emclient-v9.2.1628.msi you should have stopped eMC double clicked
the file and followed the on screen instructions

Is this what you did?

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