Lost all email accounts with emails

First of all, it’s almost an impertinence that I can’t reach direct technical support from eM Client as a lifetime customer. For a product error that I want to report, I am now supposed to pay money. This will already give real minus points in the rating. :frowning:

However, I hope that someone from development can tell me why I suddenly lost all my 15 deposited email accounts in version 8.2.1659.0? The software was set up yesterday, ran in the background for about six hours at a time, and when I wanted to actively call em client into the foreground again, the software said I had to set up an email account first.

After exiting and restarting, all the accounts set up are gone. Also the settings of the client itself were reset. This is a “no-go!”. So please, who describes himself as the best email client on the market, must not have such serious errors. Price question to the developers: Will you replace my e-mails now? Because the backup function, which was set to daily, did not create a backup within the six hours of operation. Quite a great performance!

I expect an answer as soon as possible, how the described misbehavior can be solved, so that this shit does not occur again!

And no, until I get a response to my problem, I will not change the tone either. So much in advance. I am really pissed off!

viernes 29 octubre 2021 :: 1147hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @SvenP

First I am a user not an employee of eMC
I sympathise with your situation, however, I do not believe your veiled threat is the correct approach.
Now some questions:

What version of eMC did you have previously?
Were you making backups of eMC before you setup/upgraded yesterday?
How did you have backup configured after setup/upgrade?
Do you use IMAP or POP email?

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What was the result of restoring the backup taken prior to the upgrade to 8.2.1659?

I am open and direct. Therefore, it is not a hidden “threat”. The product has failed and the em Client team assumes no responsibility. That is a fact. :frowning:

First of all, thank you for trying to support me. Is quite sad that the community has to take care of this.
Does not speak for the em client team.

About your questions:
It was a new installation, because I wanted to switch from MS Outlook now to em Client.

No upgrade, because direct installation in the mentioned version.

It was 14 POP3 mailboxes and one Exchange.

Backup was not created by em Client, although the setting was set to daily.

viernes 29 octubre 2021 :: 1447hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @SvenP

OK, I am now confused by your posts, perhaps there is a comprehension issue - you say ‘lifetime customer’, from this I presumed you have been using eMC for a period.

Are you using a Pro or Free version of eMC?
As a new user with eMC Pro you are entitled to 1 year VIP support, this is stated clearly and does not require any payment unless you wish to extend support after year one.
Did raise a support ticket?
With the Free version there are limitations. Support is via this Forum and there is a limit of 2 accounts.
Presumably as you imported from Outlook you will still have the possibility to import again should that be necessary.
Backup is a once every 24 hour process based on the time it was originally setup unless you modify this in Windows Task Scheduler, there would not have been a backup available after 6 hours unless a manual backup was made at setup.

Get back and we can take it from there.

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Hablo español, luego portugués e inglés, con conocimiento de varios otros idiomas.


Understandable. I purchased a Lifetime Pro in 2018 and have only just started using it, having previously used Microsoft Outlook. Now I have the latest version installed and set up. However, by purchasing 2018, my support year has already expired.

The thing with the backup went messy. It is understandable that no backup was used when the Win Task Scheduler is used for this and only backs up every 24 hours and thus periodically. The development team could have solved this differently. But so be it.

They did, by giving you the ability to run the backup any time you want, manually.

Okay it is possible. But that may only help me for next time. Currently I don’t know why I should set up em client again? Maybe the software spins again and I lose everything again. Backup doesn’t solve the main problem that em client “reset” itself and deleted everything. So far I don’t have a solution to my problem and I’m putting myself at risk of total data loss again.

@sunisreal: But thanks for the tip.

I don’t know if this will help, but maybe give it a try.

I too had EMC running in the background, and when I switched over to check email, ALL my emails were gone. Poof…empty…

After closing EMC, I ran

"C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\MailClient.exe" /dbrepair

In my case - fortunately - this restored my emails. I know your situtaion isn’t quite the same, but wanted to pass this along in case.

@Victor.David: Thank you for pointing this out. I tried it, but it did not lead to any success. No change. Problem is probably that there is simply no backup of the data and the location of the emails was suddenly empty. So no data at all. :frowning:

eM Client itself can’t do this. But from your comments it seems that it could be because you changed the database location from within eM Client, so the next time it started it would be with a new blank database, or it could happen if either you or a utility you use, deleted the database directory after eM Client was closed. It will also happen if you login to Windows with a different user account, in which case it would use a separate database.


As you have no eM Client backup, (Unless you have done a recent computer image with the previous eM Client version mail acct data intact) that you can restore, unfortunately the only thing you really can do now is as @skybat advised look at re-importing your POP acct data etc and starting again.

I would suggest for future to look at setting up automatic eM Client periodic automatic backups or do the manual backup regularly as @sunriseal screenshot above incase anything happens in the future.

How to setup automatic periodic backups. Windows example below.

Note:- I would recommend doing daily periodic backups and keep the last 3 previous backups.

“Menu / Settings / General / Backup”.

Also if you are backing up manually, “after you press Backup in the menu”, click the “down arrow” on the right of “Refresh” at the top left and you will then see the backup percentage bar to you know when its completed. Windows example below.


Whether you do periodic automatic or manual backups, you will end up with dated Backup.zip files that you can then restore if you need to anytime. Windows example below.

C:\Users\yourname\Documents\EM Client


I would suggest setting up 1 account that you use a lot and try it for a day. Then perhaps 2 more accounts and see if it works fine. Perhaps the journey of a thousand miles is best started with a single step.


First of all, a big thank you to all the people involved.

Probably there was indeed a problem with the storage change for the database. However, the interesting thing is that this setting was done before the first account was created. So it should be safe to assume that the “new” setting will be applied when the accounts are set up. Apparently, however, there is an error behavior here.

I will now apply the hint that I first set up the mailboxes step by step and observe the behavior. If it happens again, my decision will quickly go in the direction of Microsoft Outlook. There are not such fatal errors of this kind.

Once again, thank you very much and for me the topic is closed for now. @all: Have a nice weekend!

No, the new setting is applied when you restart eM Client.

Once again “Hello” to the round!

I think I have found the misbehavior, or rather it has occurred again.

em client is set to: Minimize to Systray when minimized and Minimize to Systray when closed.

Now, if em Client runs along “inactive” in the systray for a while (over several hours) and then I call em Client again via the systray, it starts at least one new instance in the background (Windows Task Manager). This instance initializes itself and seems to overwrite all settings of the “dead”(?) instance.

The program starts as if it were the first start. Honestly, this is an absolute no go and I stand by my opinion. Weak, if this should really be the reason now. Then something goes pretty wrong in the code of em client.

I now think about what I do or whether I donate my money to Microsoft again.

When i set either “Minimize to tray” or “Close to tray” using eg: Windows 10 V21H1 & eM Client V8.2.1659 for hours, i only ever see the same two background processes in memory.

Then when i re-open the program the original program background process (is still there) but the tray icon background process is gone as it should. So (no extra background processes i can see appear) when reopened and all accounts and emails are intact the same as they were. No issues for me.

(eM Client Minimized to Tray or Closed to Tray Background Processes).

So one background process i presume would be the program and the other the tray icon.

(eM Client re-opened from Minimized to Tray or Closed to Tray Background Processes)

Only one background process is then showing as the tray background process is gone.

Lastly after eM Client has been re-opened in the foreground for a short time, you will then see soon after the eM client background process (completely disappear in the task manager) and then only show eM Client in the (Processes Apps) at the very top.

The delay to remove eM Client from the background process is all controlled by Windows OS and can vary depending on your specific hardware speed and what else is running in memory at the time.