Lost all data, due to hard disk format, how to recover data?

I’ve had to format my computer, so all the data that I’ve stored in eM Client are gone. Is it possible to recover it some way? Does eM Client store these data online in some way? My emails are OK, I have them in Gmail, but I had tons of to-do-s, which are very important to me. Thanks for the help.


I’ve just found out, that eM Client synced the tasks with my Gmail account, so I’ve found them under Tasks in Gmail.

Hello Csordás,
if you use Gmail under IMAP your data will be synchronized with their mail servers.
eM Client does not store any of your data, other than the information about your license, just for future references. If you store any data locally, I suggest setting up an automatic backup and using the manual backup through File>Backup option.


Yes, I did synchronize it, I’ve found my tasks in my Gmail account. Thanks for the rapid reply!