Lost Account Details

I’ve been using eMClient for about a year, never had any issues until yesterday. I think Windows 10 had an automatic update as the laptop shutdown and restarted whilst not being used. When eMClient restarted all the account settings, all previous saved emails were gone except the eMClient first welcome email from last year in a ‘local folder’

Now when I first starting using eMClient, I was transitioning from two old isp email accounts to gmail. I was going to lose access to the isp emails within a few months so with the 30 day Pro Version access I could run all four email accounts and then gradually migrate to two gmail accounts but would still have all the old emails from the isp on record within the software.

That all worked perfectly until yesterday. I have setup the two gmail accounts in the settings again and obviously all the emails have been download so I’m okay with that. It is checking for new emails on these two accounts okay. My problem is how do I access the two old isp mail accounts data that must still be there in the program but I can’t add more than two accounts on the free version. I obviously don’t and can’t check for new emails to these two addresses but just want to be able to view old emails sent and received from before.

I hope all that makes sense to someone! Please help.

Sometimes during a Windows update, all the previous user files are saved in a Windows.old folder.

Look on your C:\ drive and see if there is one.

If there is, your previous eM Client database will be in the \Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\ directory. A folder called eM Client.

What you can do is first make a backup in eM Client using Menu > Backup. Then close eM Client and copy the eM Client folder I described above to C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\ replacing the current eM Client folder. You may have to enable hidden items in Windows Explorer to get there.

Restart eM Client and everything should be there as it was before the Windows update. Give the IMAP folders a few minutes to sync all the new messages.

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve searched for a Windows.old folder but can’t find one.

Unfortunately I don’t have a backup from before either that I could restore the old email data from.

Is there anything else I can do?

I’ve just been checking on the Windows update settings on my laptop to see if there was some update that might have caused the problem.

The update history is actually showing that the last few windows updates have failed to install. This might be a whole other problem but could that be the issue with losing the data?

I’ve fixed the windows update problem on the laptop. I don’t think this was the reason for eMclient crashing and losing all the data.

Will all the old saved emails from the previous email accounts have been deleted?

A possibility is that you had the eM Client database in a different location to the default, and now it is not connecting to that. You can search your computer to find a unique file from the database like widgets.dat.

If you find the file in a location other than the one listed in Menu > Settings > General > Storage, then that may be the database that has all your old messages. Change the directory to the one you found the widgets.dat file and restart eM Client.

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks for your reply.

I do have a copy of the eMclient folder from your reply the other day. In this folder, as in the current storage folder there are three widget files.

The .dat and .dat-shm are dated/timed the day the crash happened. The .dat-wal is dated the day/time I re-set the accounts up to download the gmails from the server.

That sounds more complicated than it is… sorry.

If it is in the same folder that is referenced in Menu > Settings > General > Storage, then it is the same database that is currently loaded.

I was hoping that you might find an additional folder with another set of files.

Very similar thing happened to me today. Suddenly the eM Client crashed and when I started it again the e-mail account was gone and also all the subfolders including multiple mails. I normally use POP3 protocol and do not leave the mails at the server in order to keep it tidy, meaning that the mails are stored only in my PC. I regularly transfer the mails from the main folder to the local folders, but still there were a large number of mails that were now missing. It took a while to figure out the solution, but the following procedure helped at least me. First reconfigure the original e-mail account by using the eM Client accounts tool. When configuring the e-mail account eM Client creates a subfolder at the defined storage location (typically Users/“Name”/AppData/Roaming/eM Client) with a long hexadecimal string (in my case 514ed522-d636-4ac1-ad84-7415407ffc75). Then just rename this new string to something else and use this name for the already existing folder and your problems should be gone! You can actually see where the newly created account is pointing by right clicking the account name at the left pane and selecting “Properties”.