Lost 3 emails out of 5. I need to change the emails to the two I want to use not the ones they chose.

 I lost 3 email addresses because they only allow two addresses. How do I go back get to pick and choose the two I want to use? They picked them for me but they picked the ones I didn’t want.

I just deleted 3 of the email accounts. I only have two left. One email account shows that it is operational and the other will no show that it is operational.

Ok. Never mind. I closed the email account then reloaded it and everything is ok now. I think. Seems to be working.

Glad you got it sorted Terry. The Free License only allows two email accounts, but you can’t have more than two setup and choose between them. That would kinda defeat the restriction. :wink:

If you need to use more than two accounts, consider purchasing a Pro License.