Loss of Contacts columns

I have suddenly lost the layout of Contacts. The normal columns are gone, as is the different shading for each contact, and the name and email address are crushed together on the left. I can find no way to get back to how it was laid out before. The columns options don’t help me.

Here is how it is now (please excuse the poor image).

Are you maybe referring to a different layout?

If so, you can choose one from the options along the top; People, Business Cards, and List.

To get the best out of the layouts though, you will need to make the contact list a little narrower as you have widened it to almost the full extent of your screen. Drag the right border towards the left, to display more of the layout you choose.

Firstly I didn’t alter anything - just seemed to happen. Ok - the List option gets me back to near where I was before and then there are many more options available to select various columns. I’ve then adjusted column widths to give me what I want. Thanks for your help !