Losing patience with eM Client

It’s so unfortunate. I have been a happy paying user of eM Client for several years now. But I now have so many issues, I see no other choice but to move back to Outlook that I already need to have on standby because of many calendar issues.

For instance:

  • calendar view shows and hides Exchange entries randomly. I know they are still there, but eM Client sometimes just does not show them. This seems to happen especially with repeating entries. And all of a sudden, they reappear.
  • eM Client refuses to show shared Exchange calendars from my colleagues. Random connection errors, not all calendars showing, etc. Support requests in the forum remain unanswered
  • since a couple of weeks, I can’t delete iCloud calendar entries without it throwing an “Unauthorized” error about not being able to upload it to the icloud server
  • after a decade of requests, still no color option to distinguish tentative calendar entries from others
  • all Exchange invitations from others go directly into the calendar as “tentative”; I do not get the email they are in
  • responses to my own Exchange invitations get lost
  • since forever, deleting mail with the Del key on the keyboard is hit or miss. Takes ages to register.

I so very much try to like eM Client, because the functionality is terrific and very effective