Losing License

I have 3 different computers on which I use EM. The use of EM on all 3 computers is personal use. When I used the same license on all 3 computers and each time that I switch between computers, the license is gone and I have to re-enter it. In looking at other posts with the same issue, it appears that only one license key can be used on a single computer. However, when I try registering a 2nd time to get a different license key, I receive a message saying that a license has already been issued to my email address.

So, my question is “how do I get additional licenses for the same email address to be able to use EM (for non-commercial uses) on multiple computers?” Thanks in advance. 

You are correct in that eM Client licenses are per computer, therefore each computer must have it’s own license.  You can only associate 1 free license with an eM Client account.  Therefore, if you want multiple free licenses, it will require registering under a different email address.

This is so outdated. Many people have multi devices. The Pro Version at least should be able to install on different devices with the same email account. If EM want to compete with the likes of Microsoft Outlook, get with the times. Several people I have originally recommended EM Client to have gone with Microsoft instead for this very reason.

I suppose the question is how is eM Client receive the revenue they need to keep operating?  My guess is that if they were to allow installs on multiple computers, then the price would go up for everyone, not just those that have multiple computers.  Their strategy is to have users pay for what they use.  I agree it’s kind of a pain, but at least there are pretty steep discounts for multiple licenses, e.g.-- 1 license $50, 3 licenses $80.

Thanks for the reply, BUT the idea that you cant have the same email address on the same licences is actually costing EM client sales.

The free version that’s understandable to have  1 only, after all its free.

There are many businesses that people have their email on their work PC, Laptops, at home and even tablets, and having different addresses is not an option. 

Looking at the Pricing, there is now a option “Number of devices” Can you please confirm, if you brought 5 you can actually have the same email address on 5 different devices all active at the same time, other posts in the forums say you cant.  

If you can, do you get  issued 5 different licences ?

Example: https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/two-devices

Theres a good reason for asking the above, In my own business I deal with hundreds of customers, a lot are using Outlook in one form or another,(my self included)  others are using Thunderbird. The interface in EMClient is basic and clean, does the job, BUT I wont be suggesting using EM Client if they are locked into  1 device.

Thank You.

On the paid version, you can have multiple licenses attached to one email.  You will only get a discount if multiple are purchased at the same time, but you can always add a license to an existing account.

Thank you Jay.  Obviously things have changed.

Just a suggestion, possibly in the FAQ its explained what ALL the options are. As reading through the forums older posts, its the exact opposite and Causes confusion. 

Might be time to purge out of date and now incorrect Reply’s :slight_smile:  

Hi Wayne,

Just wish confirm what Jay wrote. With a PRO version, you can have unlimited number of mail accounts set in one eM Client installation. If you purchase multiple licences, you’re allowed to use eM Client PRO on multiple devices according to your purchase quantity and for the one-time multi purchase you’ll get a significant discount.

Also, if you set one mail account as IMAP on multiple devices, then all your data will be two way synced between these devices and the mail server.