Loose Customisation when changing theme in version 7

Just installed version 7.

  1. Whenever a theme change is applied, I loose Column customisation.
  2. left Sidebar, the Mail, Calendar, Task, Contacts takes up tooooo much real estate. Please provide customisation to make them smaller.
  3. Title Bar - takes up precious real-estate - reduce height

Hi Jeremy.

Can you explain a little more about how the column customization changed, and which theme you changed to? I was not able to reproduce this problem.

Hi Gary,

I changed the default columns configuration to what I prefer, e.g Flag, Attacgments, From, Subject, Received, Category. I then Apply Column configurations to Other Folders

But when I change the theme in Settings, it also set the clumn configuration for every folder back to defaults. Themes are ones that comes with em Client v7

Still not able to reproduce it. What version of eM Client are you using? You can find this in Menu > Help > About


I have tons of folders in 6 email accounts.
All are imaps.

One addtional issue to Applying Column Configuration - It does not apply to all folders that are selected.
It applies only the current selected account (where the customisation is selected) and one other account.
I have to perform the Apply Column Configuration again to the other accounts.

This issue is reminisce of Thunderbird before version40.
Come to think of it, this column/theme issue I am facing is a very very old Thunderbird issue during the early days.
Hmmmm, em Client must be using old thunderbird codes.

Can you upgrade to the latest version and see if the problem persists. You can find the latest version at http://www.emclient.com/release-history 

Didnt know there was a later version.
This is slack. I even did Check for update from the menu! It says, There are no updates.

Jay Ogram recently commented that minor updates are not always pushed to all users. I guess there is a reason for this. Also there is never a full change log, so it is anybody’s guess what has been changed. I always install the latest as soon as it is available. 

I tried again to recreate your scenario, and I was still not able. All I can think is that there might be something different in the versions.

Thanks Gary,
This update solves both issues.

I was an early user of em Client, I think at that time it was owned by Novell.

It was the worst experience I’ve had. I paid for it and tried to like it for 2months. Support did not bother to answer question, more like answer a question with a question. Would not even refund my money. I gave up and moved back Thunderbird.

If memory serves me, it was when I move to Win7 (6months after official release), when mee$oft decided to canned Outlook Express (one of the BEST email client). Outlook was and still is a BIG FAT BLOATED email client.

I am retrying and wanting to like emC again. Because Thunderbird is getting sloooow. All the good theme writers have stopped coding for the new version. Whats left are ugly themes.

Mozilla seems to be getting bad to good to BEST to good to bad to terrible now.

Happy it worked for you. :slight_smile:

I am not sure what the future of Thunderbird is. There are rumours, but it still seems to have some life. A great pity that theme and add-on writers are no longer as active as they once were.

But I hope you may find something here with eM Client. I know I have.