looks ok , so how much for a home user ?

Im looking around for a new email client , i like the look of em client , iv set it up on a few of my computers as a replacement for thunderbird during the demo. If all goes well i shall buy it but im looking at the pricing and its looking like i would have to pay for a license for EACH comp i want it on ?? is that right ? and what about all the times i re-install windows would i have to buy it again and again ?

Im just a home users who does not mind buying it once but i have many computers and a often mess around with the OS’s so if buying it once is not enough then i shall have to look for something else.

Please tell me i have misunderstood something somewhere.

Thx all.

Hi Jack, eM client has a strict one license per computer, but you can reinstall the application and use the same license even on another computer. But you can use the license on only one computer simultaneously.

Hope this helps,

hmm well i would need it on the minimum of 5 computers (i have almost 1 in each room & my workshop has several) so yea that helps me decide that this product is FAR to expensive for me. Its only an email client after all. Pity.

Hi again, the price per license is getting smaller with a higher number of license seats, you can get more information about the cost here: http://www.emclient.com/purchase-em-client
If you’re using 5 computers, you’d pay approximately 100$ for a multi-license for all your computers.

Sorry if you believe our application is too expensive. If you’re a home user, you can register for a free license as well, but it’s limited to use a number of two accounts only.
However you can not use the free license for business/commercial use, and you don’t get access to the priority support.