Looking for the XML value that controls the highlight for the current day on calendars

I understand how to customize the Themes and Iam wanting to change the color indicator for the current day when looking at calendar views. What is the xml string used to control that. I have exported the dark theme and changes several lines one at a time trying to locate but have not had sucess. If you can assit it would be apprciated. 

Open .emtheme in Notepad and do a search for “today”. There are three lines with the word “today”; all are in the “Calendar” section. The first is the text color of the “Today” header. The next two are to create a color gradient (from top to bottom) of the header and border of the “Today” cell. The background of the body of the cell is not changed; I believe there is no option for this.

I hope this is what you wanted and that this helps.