Looking for IMAP folder names settings

Hi, I am looking for the settings for IMAP standard folder names and cannot find them. For example, my enail account has a folder called Posteingang, which is German for inbox. eM Client show me two folders: Inbox and Posteingang, one is full, the other is empty. Same with Trash and Papierkorb, Drafts and Entwurf, … Wherer do I tell eM client that Posteingang _is_ Inbox and so on? Windows Life Mail even does the matching automatically. So the question actually is: Is there a setting for this or does eM Client lack it completely?


Please change that. I need to select a folder where my sent/deleted mails are stored. And this is a different one from the one emclient suggests.

Thorsten H.

We currently do not have any settings for that and we employ automatic detection on servers that support the XLIST or SPECIAL-USE IMAP extensions (IceWarp, Kerio, Gmail, fastmail.fm and others).

If the inbox is shown twice that is a separate error, probably in the IMAP server itself, since INBOX is reserved name in IMAP and has to be the same regardless of the language.

We plan to add settings for the special folders in future version of eM Client.

The same problem I’ve with the current release (not beta) version.

It is always used “Trash” and “Sent” and we use Icewarp Server and Icewarp Client. If we change the clients language the folder name was renamed in the settings dialogue only.

The webmail from icewarp use different dolder names than the desktop client

The beta of eM Client has support for the special IMAP folder where you can assign Sent/Draft/Trash/Junk folders.

The IceWarp server supports both the XLIST and SPECIAL-USE IMAP extensions. However, the IceWarp people explicitly asked us to present the server names and not localize them in the user interface.

In the Icewarp desktop client settings sheet I can see that the Desktop Client use “Sent/Draft/Trash” in English, and different names in other languages but in the reality it use always the english names.

Our Icewarp server is running in german and the Icewarp webclient use german folder names for the “Sent/Draft/Trash”.