Looking for 5 settings if they exist


I just started using eM Cilent when WLM 11 went off-line and I could not get it to go back on-line. Nothing helped so I switched. So far things are pretty good. I have 5 questions to ask:

  1. My WLM calendar is loaded with stuff going out to 2020, nothing was imported is there some way to import this data?

  2. I have set up so the Mail window is on the Left and on the right the Mail list on top and the message preview on the bottom. The scroll bars in both Mail and message windows are very thin and hard to get selected. I use a laptop with built in finger mouse pad. Is there a setting or way to make them wider like other software?

  3. In the Mail list window, is there a way to turn off the lines that show Yesterday, Days of the week, ect. the message came in? To me that is wasted space and very annoying when I am looking for an earlier message.

4.  I notice that when I send an email, I get a copy of it saved in my sent folder (set up this way) but also get a second copy in my inbox. I am using Gmail POP 3 if that makes a difference. Why is this happenong and how do I turn it off?

  1. WLM had the current month in small size in a window on the right side of the page. On it were a red square around the current day and on the days were Blue which showed when I had activities in the calendar, and then below it had a brief synopsis of the activities for Today, and 2 more days. Is something like this available for eM Client?

Like I said so far so good. This software was a dream to install, except that I had to add the word recent. to the account so I would not download all the old messages from the server.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Ray.

  1. The calendar may have already been imported, and stored in Local Folders. If you can’t see the Local Folders, you can enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders. Otherwise, if the calendar in WLM was synced with an online calendar, you could add that account to eM Client and get your events that way. If the events were saved locally, you can import them through Menu > File > Import > WLM, and choose just the calendars you want to import. Exporting them from WLM is also an option.

  2. The scrollbar in the default Modern Theme is very narrow. That is by design. You can change the theme in Menu > Tools > Settings > Appearance > Themes. The Classic Theme offers a wider scrollbar, as do a couple of the others. Another option is to edit the Modern Theme yourself and change the scrollbar setting. You will need to save the chosen them as an xml file, then edit it with your preferred text editor, and import it back into eM Client. That can be done from the same settings window.

  3. This is called grouping, and can be changed in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Read > Message List > Show messages in groups. You can also change it by right click on the list’s column header and choosing Show in Groups.

  4. The message is not actually in your Inbox. This is a feature of the conversation mode, where it displays linked emails in the thread together in one place. You can disable conversations in Menu > View > Conversation > Disable Conversation. I personally use conversations in message detail only, so I have a traditional message list, but with the links in the email itself.

  5. eM Client does not offer this feature. However, the Agenda Sidebar is similar except there is not mini-month calendar in the view. If the sidebar is not visible, you can enable it in Menu > View > Sidebar. Then click on the Agenda tab. Agenda can be configured to display events from one day to one year. You can also select which calendars and other folders will be included in the display.

Can you explain your last comment about the word recent. There have been some other questions on this forum about not downloading all the email from the server, and it was always assumed it was not possible.

Hi Gary,

Thanks so much for answering my questions. So far everything was solved except the calendar. I am trying to find where WLM stored it so I can import it.

I have set up my Gmail account to leave the message on the server. So when you start a new email client, it begins to download every message on the server. So to stop that behavior you have to add the word recent before the POP3 account for example recent.myname@gmail.com. Then the client only downloads the messages that are after the date you started using the new client.

One last question, is there a place where I can change a setting to always download pictures in the emails? Having to click this question on each email is laborous.

Thanks for your help!


Thanks Ray. There a few of these little tricks around that are not widely used, but very useful. Will add that one to my list.

The pictures option is a privacy setting. This can be changed in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Privacy.

To download external content regardless from who the sender is, select the third option: Display unsafe content in all messages.

I prefer to use the first option, and then select always download pictures from this sender in the email header. The next email from that sender will then download pictures automatically.