Look for a feature of Automatic name check

In MS outlook, when I want to type someone’s address,
I just need put his name in the field, like type ‘Katty’, then while I click send mail, it will automaticly match the contact address ’Katty [email protected]‘.
similarly, I can just put multiple names in the adress field such as ’Katty,Sandy,Alice…‘, finally it will match the correct contacts.
Hope this feature can work well in em client. :hugs:

We do provide address suggestions when you are composing a message. The suggestions come from your Contacts, the recipients history, and from previously sent messages in your Sent folder.

If the match that is selected in the suggestion is the one you want, just use the Tab key to move to the next field. It will automatically enter the address.

Thank for your reply, it is really helpful.
But I often encounter the use of copying names from excel to the email address bar, I think the ‘check names’ feature of outlook is more convenient.

And what happens if you have two contacts with the same name? Or, what happens if you have only one contact with that name, but it is not the person you want to send the message to? Or maybe you typed Kitty rather than Katty (autocorrect on Mac)? In those cases your message would be sent to the wrong person.

That is why we show you the suggestions, and let you choose the correct option.

You can of course paste email addresses from your spreadsheet, rather than the names.