Long time to synchronize/download new emails (Apple)

have the problem that sometimes it takes a long time to synchronize/download new emails after starting the app. However, this is not always the same. It varies between 10 and 30 seconds.
iPhone (iOS)

In this context, it is also not entirely clear to me what the new setting option, under Settings, Advanced, Synchronization, for example, 5 minutes, is supposed to do!
When the app is started, the new emails still have to be downloaded first and this sometimes takes a long time !??

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I can confirm this behavior.
I receive a push notification, then I open em client and after that em client starts the download of the mails…and yes…it takes a lot of time (only for some few messages).

Other mail clients like spark can download the mail in the background. That means you can open die mail client an all mails are available immediately.

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