Lokal folders and the lokal Archive folder

Hi, i like to use eM a lot! But I cannot find a option to create a lokal folder!? I can ad folders just underneath my connected servers. Isn ́t it possible to create a lokal foder like the lokal archive is? I recognised that inside the archive-folder i cannot create folders as well…and it is not possible to use the lokal archive manually. The “move to archive” button is just useable with my google account and not useable with my exchange account - and it is not possible to move the mails to archive to the lokal archive folder with this button…
so how can I easily move some emails to a lokal folder to archive them lokally, without the need of archive-support of the server - thats the question? Maybe you schould create a button for that?

Das funktioniert nicht, Em7 kann nur IMAP. Das müsste ja ein Unterordner von “Einfache Ordner” sein, aber da kann man nix eingeben.

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