Logo image does not appear in emails

The logo image that I include in my signature doesn’t show when I compose or reply to emails.

I am able to insert it, and everything appears correct. Then I compose one email and it works on that one, but on the second email and all those after that, the image is replaced by an empty white box.

I have tried inserting it into the signature in every different way I know how to (copy & paste, using the insert function), and using different file types (png, jpeg), inserting it from different locations on my computer (main folder, picture folder, desktop), but nothing - it just won’t show no matter what I do!

I have read multiple forum entries about this issue and none of them have been helpful. They have helped to the extent that I tried all of the above, but not in resolving the issue.

Thank you

That is most likely because the reply is plain text, so won’t display images.

Change this setting to HTML and try again:

Thank you. I’ve also done this. It still doesn’t work.

Is your problem that the logo in the signature doesn’t show? Have you recently moved files? Even if you correct the address to the image, emClient cannot/does not find it.

If an image in a signature does not show, the only fix is to delete the signature and recreate it. You should be able to scrape (ctrl-C) the text, but not the image.