logo as a header

I am trying to incorporate  a logo/picture  as a header. Has anyone tried this? I inserted a Jpg logo but this was tuned into a background and repeated throughout the email. 

Any thoughts please

Hi Doug,
I’d try setting up a template and inside the Template maker just use the ‘Insert Image’ button (top toolbar inside the text window area).
Or can you specify how were you trying to insert this image?


Hi I have gone into Templates and signatures and in Templates entered a Jpg file. ie the company logo. When I prepare an email the logo is shown and also the prepared footer.  When I press “send” this error message comes up and the logo disappears    Couldn’t add attachment       File “/”  Couldn’t be added as attachment due to following error   Access to the path “C;” is denied.

I entered file location from menu.  Footer is fine I can send an email without the header. I usually just use insert picture above email message.   Interestingly I have just found  Utube of how do do this in Outlook   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W94UpIjr6z0

Regards  Doug