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Ich habe die Zugangsdaten für die Lizenzverwaltung. Allerdings muss man noch eine Benutzergruppe angeben. Welche ist das? Ich habe es vergessen und finde auch keine Notizen dazu. Wer kann mir weiterhelfen? Vielen Dank.

The License Manager is for Business Pro license users only. If you have a Pro license, or a Free license, you can’t use it. Sorry.

If you have lost your license key, all license types can have it resent to you from the Lost Activation Key page.

I manage the Business Pro licences for our church district. I have the access data. But what do I have to enter under ‘User group’? I read that in an email at some point.

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It is User

If you have lost the login credentials, you can also use the password reset option on that page. It will send you all the login credentials.