Logic expressions in searches (e.g. tag1 OR tag2 AND NOT tag3)

Can eMclient do logical expressions in searching, the way Gmail can?

e.g. can eMclient do the equivalent of Gmail searches like

tag:T1 OR (tag:T2 (not tag:T3))

from:rick (NOT in:Inbox)


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We don’t offer the NOT option, sorry.

To search for messages from Rick, not in the Inbox, you can specify what folders to include in the search. Just exclude the Inbox.

Thanks for the reply.

I have >100 Gmail labels. Selecting them one by one is not feasible.

I guess that I can always fall back to using Gmail for real searches, and eMclient for simple searches.

Gary, it would be helpful to be able to add an exclusion to search. Such as: “something to find” not:“something not to find” . or maybe use the “-” like on google. Any plans for this feature?