Logging to Google again

The problem with logging in to Google Accounts is here again. For several weeks before and after a new update continues too. EM client calls for a renewed sign in to Google Accounts absurdly often and every time I log reports Google to verify sign of a “new device”. It annoys so often that I am thinking about using a different client. Only the Calendar and Tasks it still holds.

Hello Raul, I’m sorry for this inconvenience, this issue has been reported to us by some of our users, however as much as we’d like to resolve the problem that occurs on some workstations, we’re unable to replicate the issue in a testing environment. We’re however still collecting data about this issue in hopes of pointing us in the right direction.

If you’re seeing the login window that asks you to authorise your account again, please note that it is not necessary for the application to sign-in again, what we were able to detect from the logging data we’ve collected up until now, the problem is held within the token that’s being sent between the client and the server for authentication, unfortunately it seems like the token is lost, or an incorrect (old) token is sent, which forces the OAuth window to re-appear, however since the application was already authorised by dismissing this occurrence, eM Client should be able to re-authenticate on the second go…

Can you please confirm this behaviour?

What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About?

Thank you,

When I close the window with a request to log on to mail accounts and perform process is interrupted, do not worry. The accounts are active and synchronization takes place.
Now added one more problem. Repeatedly requesting client inserting the license (for example, yesterday and again today). Before, it definitely happened. I have installed on desktops and laptops, both Windows 10. And the same problem occurs on both.

Hello, unfortunately the authentication process with Google accounts require a sync of tokens that is causing the issue, based on reports we’ve collected from our users, there’s a problem in Exchange of the valid tokens that are used to authenticate your account with the server, the token submitted is expired or note accepted by the server - this is unfortunately an issue we’re not currently able to workaround as we’re not completely sure why it occurs. However we’re still inspecting the problem and working on a solution.

If you’re being unsigned of your license, please note that eM Client has a strict one license per computer policy and thus it is not possible to run a single free license on multiple computers, if you’re using a PRO license and you’re being unsigned even though multiple activations should be available please send me your licensing details to [email protected] with a reference link to this forum topic.