Locking down icewarp settings

Can you lock down icewarp settings and accounts so that the end users cannot adjust the settings?

Hello Damon,

Please log into you Licencemanager account and go to the Server Settings section. There you can adjust/distribute/lock the setting fo all of your licences.
You can find a useful video-tutorial of the Server settings at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSUezDUxeMk&t=3s.


Hi Russel, is there a link or way to navigate to Icewarps’ version of that? As we do not use eM Client? 

The IceWarp client is eM Client. It has just been rebranded. :wink:

Ah okay. So using https://licensemanager.emclient.com/account/login?returnUrl= will work with icewarp? :) 

As we do not have any credentials to that licence manager. Any ideas on how to obtain that? 

It will work with the eM Client IceWarp Client.

There is a password reset link on the Licence Manager web page. Click on that and enter the registered email address for the Pro Licenses. Login credentials will be sent to that address.

We dont have any credentials for eM client or pro licences because its all through icewarp. Im unsure how this process goes but my IT manager says that we do not have a licence manager, we only have a website where we can activate and de-activate licences. There isnt a settings tab on that website as its the shop of icewarp. 

Hello Damon,

If you have the Icewarp Desktop client, please contact our sales team at [email protected] and we’ll create you a login to the Licencemanager so you can start using the server settings.


How long do they usually take to reply? As i sent an email and i still havent heard anything back?

Hello Damon,

It is possible that it was assigned to one of my colleagues who is busy now.
However, you should receive a reply within 24 Hrs.


Thank you.