Lock e-mails

I’m missing a function to block e-mails. This function could prevent to delete them accidentally.

What did you mean under “block e-mails”? You can set blocking for unsafe emails content in menu Tools->Settings->Read, Unsafe Content section. If you want to filter some messages you can create custom rule in menu Tools->Rules or use Move to Junk button which will prompt you to create spam/blacklist rules for you automatically.

Sorry for my Englisch, I’m German speaking. I receive mails which I will prevent from deleting, will say this mails should ask me before delete. The corresponding feature in TheBat! is “parken” (German). I attach 2 screen-shots. Shot1 you can see, how the “parked” mails is marked, and in shot1 you can see that TheBat! ask me before delete.

It’s not available currently, you can only set that it will always ask your confirmation before deleting email in menu Tools->Settings->Confirmation.

Will it be available in future?

I will add it to our official feature requests list and we will see.