Location of Local Folders

Can anyone tell me where the “Local Folders” dbase is likely to be located? It was formed after I imported from Outlook. I have looked in all obvious places. Right clicking on the Folder properties simply gives local folders/ as the location. Any help would be appreciated as I am migrating to a new computer. Nick

unfortunately all your local folders data are located in multiple database files and thus can not be simply accessed.
If you want to backup all your data to migrate to a new computer go to your local folder and show hidden folders (view > show hidden folders), there should be a folder called “App Data”.

go to the App Data folder and backup the whole folder “eM Client” which you then place into the same place on your new computer and all your data should be transferred exactly as you’ve seen on your current computer.

Thank you for understanding,

Got it, thank you very much.

No problem, if you have any more issues or questions, make sure to check back with us here on the forum.

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