location of imported (from outlook .pst) data file

location of imported (from outlook .pst) data file? I import a couple .pst files from outlook and they range from 1 to 3 GB in size, though the database folder c:\users\current user\appdata\roaming\em client folder is only 1.07GB in total, where lies the remaining email data?

Hi, this depends on the import you’ve performed. While importing data from a PST file, you should be able to choose which PST file are you going to be importing your data from just as well to choose the folder you’re going to be importing data to, can you please make sure you’ve selected a folder for both of these options?

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thank you paul. I tried that option with no luck. the folder is listed with the number of emails that reside in each folder but after the import the emails just arent there. the only way I was able to get some emails was to set up the account as imap but instead of importing it took the emails from the server instead of importing from .pst file. this obviously didnt get all emails because they dont all reside on the server, but it did get far more the when set up as pop importing from .pst. the problem is consistency, I just cant rely on the client to accurately display emails that are clearly there.

additionally, this doesnt tell me what the file path of where the imported data is stored for em client. 

Imported data are stored in the database of eM Client and not in a single file as you’re used to from Outlook.
Can you please comment on what options did you select for your import then? Did you try to import your data into your account or into Local folders or where?

What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer?

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thanks, I didnt use the local folder option. if the emails are being separated into multiple files, where are those files? I was under the impression it was in the above posted file path. I understand the files size may not be the same as outlook when summed together but it appears that the total size of em client versus outlook is 1/5. that doesnt seem right. 

Hi again, please try to import the emails into your local folder first and then try to move the emails onto your IMAP server or wherever you’d like them to be saved.
The above posted file path is the path to the eM Client database folder, that contains multiple database files, but imported emails are included in these database files.

Please note that any altering of the database files or interfering with them, is not supported.

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Hello eM Client. I just suffered a crash. I have a carbonite backup which includes the mail_data.dat file in the emclient folder. Can I import that file into my new emclient and recover?

Hello Bob, this is not an official way of restoring your data, in order to keep a safe backup you should always use the built in backup/restore feature in eM Client. If you’re using an IMAP account all your data are also safely backed up on your email server and all you should need to do is to setup the account in eM Client again.

If you don’t have any of these, you can try to restore your database by replacing the current eM Client folder with the backed up roaming/eM Client folder from your Carbonite Backup. However this way of restoring your data may cause database corruption and you may not be able to access the database files restored.