locating EM folders to manual transfer data & account to a new machine

As the title says, i am looking for the location and name of the 3 folders needed to set up a customers em client back up on a new machine. 

last time i had to do this i found a post ( might of been on here, might of been some random website ) that listed 3 folders and their location, when moved to the same location on the new machine it put the customers emails, folders and account details back into Em client. 

when trying to find anything on this now i keep running into the same answer. 
non of them apply when the previous location of EM client is on a machine that no longer works, but the HDD is healthy. 

Normally the folder (only one) exist at

If your machine was working the best way to move to a new machine
1  Run EmClient Backup (find where it went in settings)
2  Install the emclient same version n the new machine
3  copy the emclient backup file to new machine
4  Run emclient restore on new machine
5 Rest your Theme and license number
 This only works for Same release ex V6  or V7 
  one cannot do this backup from V6  and restore to install of V7
  Release history website

Note backup and restore are facilities within emclient

thank you for your reply… 
your response is all i can find when doing a search myself. 
its as if the answer to my question has been removed from the internet completely. 

as i stated in my original message the machine the data is on does not work! 
so doing a back up will not be possible as it does not work… 
i am a computer repiar tech and have been working on and with computers since my first pc the zx81… so i would class myself as a competent computer user. i appreciate most on here are far from that and you have to take the same approach with everyone. i wasnt stating my experience as a gloat or a boast, more so to reduce the amount of novice user information… save wasting your time with a copy n paste of stuff i have already seen or tried. 

when copying the entire appdata folder across into the new machine it causes EM client to crash… ( or at least it used to, not aware of any changes in versions. ) it might work now by copying the entire directory across. 

last time i did it manually, from a machine that is DEAD to a new working machine i found an article that mentioned 3 folders within the APP DATA directory that are moved into the same location on the new machine once EM client has been installed. 

Coping the folder to the new machine will work if software is same version
Using the provided web site install what you think was the version then copy replace the entire folder.  It should work. Good Luck 

it was a while ago i tried the entire app data directory and it made things worse, and i found a post suggesting moving just 3 of the directories and it worked no problems. 

but if the entire em client app data directory transfer works then thats great news… 
most our customers have outlook so its a no brainer… 

thank you for your input, its appreciated. :D 

back to the original question. 
we have a customers machine in here now with a corrupt EM client installation. 
when taking the entire app data directory for EM client and putting it into a fresh install of EM client we get the same error message on the fresh install… 

there must be someone that knows the folders to move that just apply to the mail and account settings…
if i hadnt of seen something a long time ago about this i wouldn’t be pursing this option.