Local Folders Structure

  1. When I add a new folder under Local Folders it creates just fine and I can drag and drop emails into the newly created folder. However when I right click an email and select “Move to folder” and the “Select Folder” screen comes up the newly added folder does not show in the list? The only way I can move the email is to drag & drop?

  2. My Local Folder structure is showing “More” as the fist icon uner Local Folders and all of my Local Folders are listed under the “More” instead of Local Folders. The “More” is usally at the very bottom of the structure?

This maybe what is causing the problem?

Anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening. Sure would appreciate your responses.

Thanking you in advance.

I just tested that and it works for me.
When I added the folder I placed it under “Local Folders” and the remainder of my Local Folders remained under More (because that is where I chose for them to reside).

When I subsequently decided to move an email to that folder, via the “Move to folder” option, the folder was visually available directly under “Local Folders”.

Thanks for the reply. When I created the folder it was under Local Folders. I moved by Drag & Drop in Alpha order to the other folders listed under “More”. It does not show however all of the other folders under “More” do show?
When I try to move the new folder from “More” to Local folders it is not allowed to do so? Something is astray with the new folder structure in Ver 8.0. “More” should be structured at the end of all of the Local Folders not the beginning.

ALL of my Local Folder folders are visible. Where is the folder NOW and where do you want the folder to be?

Just thought I would reply to this problem I was having. Not sure why this was happening but all of my Local Folders were showing as “Hide”? I changed the option and now everything is great!!

Really appreciate the comeback from “sunriseal” and everyone that took the time to repsond. Ver 8.0 is really great and thanks to the hard work by the developers and all of those who are monitoring this great new format! Keep up the good work!!