Local folders or smart folder?

I’m thinking about moving from Thunderbird to emClient 6. In Tbird I have my Local Folders set so that mail that comes to any of four accounts all goes to Local Folders. How can I set up something similar in emClient?

Hi, you can set this up by using Rules, go to Tools > Rules and create a rule that applies to all your incoming mail.

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Do I create a rule that points it to Local Folders’ Inbox? And then, do I have create a similar rule for every account I want to show up there, instead of having an ‘or’ statement to choose multiple accounts?

What’s the advantage of local folders vs smart folders? And how would you set up a smart folder if it can do something similar?

Hi kanjigirl,

I’m using the ‘all inboxes’ smart folder which is automatically showing all received e-mails in the inboxes from all accounts combined.

Then I process the e-mails in this ‘all inboxes’ smart folder and move the e-mails which I have processed by hand to the right ‘project folder’ (which is a folder under ‘local folders’).

Hi, yes exactly and you can have the rule setup for all your accounts at once, so you do not have to create a separate rule for each one of your accounts.