Local Folders Option to


I am using Ver8.0 and have had no issues of any kind to date. I do have a question however regarding when I select an email and then right click it and go to “Select Folder” screen to allow for the option “Move to folder…”. the folder does not appear in the list but it is listed under “Local Folders”?

Anyone have any ideas or come across this?

I just tested the move by:

Right-click an email in the message list
Click “Move to folder” on “Select Folder” screen
Choose the folder, in this case it is within “Local Folders”

Appears to work for me, unless I have misinterpreted your post

Hi “sunriseal”,

The problem as stated is that the folder I want to to move the email to does not show in the “Select Folder” screen when I right click on the email? I cannot select the folder as it is not there? It does show however under the “Local Folders” on the “Mail” screen?
Thanks for the reply.

OK… just reporting what I see with my setup. What I see on the main folder list screen, I see on the “Select Folder” screen after I expand Local Folders on the “Select” screen

Okay …thanks. I see all of the folders execpt for one only? I matched the folders and the count and it is identical with the exception of one folder? By the way this is not a new folder and has been there even in Ver 7.

Weird? I will continue to review and hopefully find a cure. Thansk again for the interest and response.