Local folders on the top

Hi anyone.
I’m new user of this wonderful client.
I added 4 imap accounts. And after 3 pop accounts direct on “Local Folder”. But i have in the left list all the IMAP and after “local folders”. How can I put on the top “Local folders”?
Thanks a lot

Hi, unfortunately it is not possible to sort the account, so the local folders are displayed on the top of the left pane.
We’ll consider adding the option into future releases of eM Client.

However you can create a search folder to use with eM Client, which should be displayed bellow smart folder on the top of the pane.
To create a search folder that goes through your local folders, please enable smart folders, right click smart folders in the left pane and select Display > Search folders.

New search folder can then be created by right clicking “Search folders” > New search folders.

Hope this helps,

+1 for the ability to move Local Folders to the top of the account list. When you have a lot of IMAP folders it can take a bit of scrolling to get to the Local Folders.