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I’ve just transferred to eM Client and, after some initial teething problems, all appears to be working well. I’m paranoid about backups in general so I want to ensure I include all necessary files and folders to make sure I’ve got secure copies of the Local Folders contents.
What are the essential files I need to include in my backup routine? Where are they located in a default installation on Win 7?

Secondary question: One thing I’m not clear on - does eM Client incorporate the concept of creating multiple Local Folders (a bit like Outlook and multiple .pst files) or does everything get tossed in to the one big basket by eM Client? There are pro’s and con’s with each approach, but I feel it is essential to know which you’re working with!

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eM Client’s backup tool backups all data from eM Client - whole database together with settings.xml
Please do not use external tools on eM Clients database, it can easily broke database.

eM Client’s database itself can be found (default location) in C:\Users\ current user \AppData\Roaming\eM Client\ folder.
You can change it in Tools - Settings - General - Storage.

eM Client puts everything database related in one folder and all emails (for example are in one file - but you can export one by want from it into .eml).



Thank you for the very prompt, and complete, reply.
I hadn’t even discovered eM Client had a back-up tool!

So long as I know the path to the entire database I can include that as part of my automated nightly sweep to a NAS device. Or is there a separate, and preferred, mechanism using the eM Client back-up tool? I’m not at my base PC at present so I can’t check the options for this.

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Well eM Client uses its own backup tools with scheduling by windows. Most safe way here is to use eM Client to create database and then backup it to your NAS, because database needs to be recovered from backup, just copying files over will not recover anything.


OK gotcha!
I’ll follow that advice.

Thanks again


you are welcome :slight_smile:

I confirm! I used in the past “Cobian” to backup eMClient and I had a very big problem, fortunately solved by eM Client.

Final follow-up …

Back at base PC now. Checked out the options. Successfully moved main database folder from C:… (SSD in my system) to D… (normal HDD). Everything still working, so far :slight_smile:
Also performed a backup and set it to run daily.
All looking very encouraging - the more I get to grips with eM Client the more I’m enjoying it. Well done.


I am happy to read that you are satisfied with our product, thank you for your support.