Local Folders gone after accepting the download new version option on 12/13/16

I opened eM Client on 12/13/2016 is said there was a new version available would you like to download.  I said to download.  I was on version 6.0.24928.0 when it installed and the program reopened all my Local Folders I created were gone.  I have never had a issue with previous upgrades but this time it was major.  The only thing I was able to do was to do a system restore to before it installed and my old version is back with the folders.  I would like to upgrade but only if I can get my Local Folders.

Hello Rob,

When you installed eM Client 7, did you confirm import from the previous version? That should transferr all of your data, local folders included. If you happened to skip this option, there’s then still the option of manual import through Menu -> File -> Import - Import from eM Client 6. If you are worried about trying again, we’d recommend doing a backup first and then proceeding with the upgrade.


Also check the parameter  Release 7
Menu   Tools   Settings  General  
About 6 items dowm    Local Folders  make sure it is checked

I need to know how to do a backup now, not scheduled. I see nowhere I can perform backup “now”. Every time I try to upgrade from 6.0.24928.0 to 7.1.33101.0 I lose all my emails and local folders, folders I have set up. Any help I see/receive only says to perform a backup, check parameters for releases, import from previous version, etc. etc. I do not know how to do any of this. Can a customer support person please give some step by step instructions on what to do to upgrade successfully and not lose anything? 

I don’t have 6.0 any more but it should be in this location on Emclient.

     Note where it puts it so you know where it is after it is done.

if you need a copy of your old software it should be here
 Note that 7.0 + has totally different format as 6.0+  so a restore of 6.0 to 7.0 is not possible
or the other way also.

What I did  ( I am just a user) :
 Run backup                    Find out where it went
 Get copy of my old install and save it to a place that I can find easily
 Get a copy of my license   “”        “”                  “”                “”              “”
copied the entire library to a safe place
It is stored at    C:\Users\Your id \AppData\Roaming\eM Client

Note since you already tried to update       the library may contain some stuff from the newer version.
If you cannot restore your machine to the previous state or at least this folder 
you are going to have trouble.

So lets start with some questions

1    Do you have a pc backup
2     Did you copy the data folder before you tried the install
3    Is the older 6.0 even working or is it corrupted already
4    which email vendor are you using
5    which version of windows are you using  I assume you are using windows.
6    Am I correct that you never backed up the emclient using its built in backup program
7    Do you have a professsional version   then you can get support from the vendor
       and not from users like me.  Free versions have no support.