local folder on dropbox

I would like to:

  1. Streamline my workflow by removing all finished mail from my inbox and leaving only mails, that need some work in the inbox.
  2. Still storing all messages for future reference and search in my mail database
  3. Archive all those messages in a searchable local folder in order to save space on my server
  4. Search those local mail folders from multiple computers

Is ist possbible to move (archive) mails from my inbox to a local folder, ths remove them from the IMAP server and have this local folder e.g. on dropbox, so I can access it from multiple computers/phones?


I don’t think this is possible to do within eM Client.

For one thing, Local Folders are not synced with the server, so you will not be able to access then from other computers. eM Client also essentially only has one database file, not like Outlook where you can have multiple pst files.

An option is to export the messages as eml files from eM Client, and save those on your DropBox. eml files are individual files for each email, and can be opened by most email clients. Either use the File > Export option, or select the messages and choose Save AS.