Local folder contents gone after V7 update

On the weekend i updated to V7, and after doing so all of my local folders were empty. To try and fix that i attempted an import, but had an error message that what i was trying to import was incompatible. So then i tried a restore, not realising that my last auto back up was 2014 so now all i have are emails from 2014 and earlier! Any suggestions for 1) getting back inbox emails post-2014, and 2) recovering lost local folder contents very much appreciated :) 

Hello again,

If you were upgrading from V6, did you try “Import from version 6”? Version 6 was using different format of core database so this probably caused the incompatibility error.

Unfortunately, the restore feature works as it rewrites the current database. If your data are stored on the server, there should be no problem and eM Client will pull the data from the server. Otherwise, the only chance is the Import from V6 if your emails remained in the old database.