local folder columns + spellcheck language


I use local folders to store messages ‘From’ and ‘To’ a group, such as Family. In the column options, there is only an option of listing ‘From’ whom the message came and not “To” whom I could have sent it. Any solution?

I write both in French and in English but can only spellcheck in the language I have chosen. In WhatsApp this is very well handled by swiping the space bar across to change the language. Is it possible to set up a short-key to change the em-client language quickly?

To change the dictionary while composing a message, right-click anywhere in the message body and choose Spell Check Language.

Thanks for that Gary; one problem solved now for a solution to the first one.

These To and From columns are restricted in conversation mode, so you need to disable that to view them. You can do that in Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations.

Then by default all incoming folders will have the From column, and all sent folders will have the To column. If they are not visible you can add them by right-click on a column header and choose Columns Configuration. 

Gary, once again, many thanks. That has solved all my present problems. I was having a job getting used to the grouped messages in the conversations mode as I missed a couple of new messages when they were incorporated into the conversation, so was thinking of stopping that if I could.

Again, Gary, thanks for your help.