local files and download arrangement

I have just installed eM as a potential replacement for Outlook, and so far so good.

can someone answer the following please:

1 - does eM store all downloaded emails locally for use offline, or is it just the archived ones?

2 - where are emails stored and what is the filename, so I can ensure it is included in my system backup routine?

3 - eM appears to download only email headers until the header is clicked on, then download the body. This causes a delay on my slow connection, can it be set to download the whole email?

Hi Elaine, eM Client saves all your data locally, however it does not automatically download all email data, by default the application only downloads the headers of messages, if you want to have your data ready for offline use, please enable the “Download messages for offline use” option in your account settings.

All your data including email, calendar and contact data are saved in eM Client database files in the database folder, it is not possible to view the messages separately while data is stored in the database folder, in case you want to save the data externally, you can create a backup or export the data using the export feature in File > Export.

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Hi Elaine,

the default directory in which eM Client is saving it’s data is C:\users<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\eM Client.

But personally, I would advise to use a data directory on your D: drive.

You can specify where eM Client is saving it’s data via tools > settings > general > storage.

screen shot:

Actually, I’ve written this already so many times in this forum, I assume that you will have found it already by now :slight_smile:

Thanks Hans and Paul. One more thing, I have a folder called “offline files” which was created when I imported my outlook archives. If I archive my eM mail, will this be added to the offline folders or will it create something different?

Apologies if the above names are confusing. Ray and Elaine Woodhams are married, I innadvertan logged in with Elaine’s gmail on the first occasion

Hans, in changing the database location can you advise on the sequence please, the description in eM says that a new blank database will be created. should I close eM, create the new location and move the files, then open eM and change the location, or should I change the location first, then move the data files?

Hi Ray/Elaine, not completely sure if I understand, if you archive your email your messages will be moved from your server to the offline archive folder which will be shown below Local folders, containing this archived message.

If you want to create a new database, after changing the path in the Storage settings, eM Client will create a new database after restart, however it will keep the old one in the original destination.

So if you want to export data from your current database to the new one, you can do it before or after based on your preference, however after you switch the database path, you won’t be able to access the old data unless you switch back to the old database, my suggestion would be exporting the data before switching the storage and restarting eM Client to it’s new database.

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Thanks Paul, can you be a bit more specific about changing the database location please, a step by step guide would be useful. Ray

Not completely what you have in mind. You can change the database folder location under the storage settings, as you can see in the above post from Hans.

After changing the folder location, eM Client will create a new database if the folder does not exist or will load up the database if available in the setup folder after an application restart, e.g. after you change the database location, you have to restart the application load up the second database (or create it).

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Do I need to move files from the original location to the new one?

Hi Ray, if you want to move your database, the current database won’t be moved by the application, so if you want to keep all the settings and local data in the current database, change the database path and move the database folder from Roaming (current location) to the new location, however make sure you’ve setup the correct path to the database otherwise eM Client will create a new one.

If you want to create a new database on another location, just change the path to the database folder and restart the application, this will allow you to setup all your accounts from scratch. If you’re using IMAP accounts, just setup the accounts and eM Client should synchronize all your items with the server.

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