Local cache clear/help

Good afternoon! Our small company switched to the EmClient + yandex mail hosting after using Outlook+Exchange for a long time. There were reasons for that. The choice fell on this client, because it is as close as possible to Outlook in terms of interface and functionality, it is beautiful, light and fast. We could continue to use the Outlook client and Yandex mail, but the Outlook client did not allow only the headers of old messages to be loaded into the local cache via the IMAP protocol, in connection with this, users complained about the inability to search for old letters that often need to be found (for example, a year old). The EM client allows you to download the headers of all mail, for the entire period, but it does not allow you to compress or somehow clear the local cache. The problem is that our users are working on a remote server and the local cache can grow a lot in the future and eat up a lot of space. Is there any way to shrink/compress the local cache (delete email content and attachments) without deleting the database and doing a new sync? We could delete the “thick” user base and do synchronization again, but synchronization with Yandex mail randomly breaks … When we worked in the Exchange + Outlook bundle, the proprietary MAPI protocol was used, which made it possible to download letters for a longer period than set for save the cache, perform a search, and then automatically these letters were deleted. But the IMAP protocol can’t do this, as I understand it. Maybe there is a file in the database that is only responsible for file attachments? When I look at the database, the largest file is mail_data.dat. When this file is deleted, the client starts a new synchronization… which would not be critical if there were no problems with our mail server during synchronization… So this is a question, and if there is no such function, then this is a request for it :slight_smile: