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When I open eM Client the loading of the messages is very slow (more than 3 minutes!!!) and eM Client
is complety blocked…
My version is 8.2.1473.

Thanks for your help…

viernes 27 agosto 2021 :: 1554hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @jackpot2804

Not really sure what you mean.
After initial start up & database check?
Do you use IMAP or POP3?
Computer capability?
Connection speed?

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The messages is very slow (more than 3 minutes!!!) and eM Client
is completely blocked…

If you have (only just installed eM Client recently) and have an eg: IMAP type account, each email can take time to read fully depending on (what is in the email body) like eg: alot of inline images, and (how large in res / size) the inline images are.

Normally though once the emails (are all fully read and cached) in the body of the email, then the email will generally read within a secs the next time you click that email.

You can also change the default (Account read setting) in eM Client to “Download all messages offline” rather than only reading the IMAP email headers by default. To do that in eg: eM Client for Windows, click “Menu / Accounts” and then “click on your email account on the left” and finally “click the IMAP Tab” along the top" and then you will the “Sync Options” check box at the bottom to d/l emails for offline use etc.

See Example IMAP Gmail account in eM Client below to enable downloading messages offline.

Apart from the above email download reading speed can also be affected by the eg: speed of your Internet Connection and how stable / constant it is.

eM Client
is complety blocked

What do you mean by eM Client “is completely blocked” Are you not able to d/l emails at all ?

Thanks for this reponse. I did and it seems beter…

Only Imap…I don’t have any problem with others programs or speed connection.
The loading of eMail is also very slow.
I have the last version of eMail.
Is-it possible to reorganzation the messages file?
Thanks in advance

sábado 28 agosto 2021 :: 1057hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @jackpot2804

I can’t add anything to the post by @cyberdork, your email speed is almost certainly
related IMAP sync.and possible restrictions by your ISP.

You haven’t explained what you mean by: ‘eM Client is complety blocked’

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I have try with an other Email program (Thunderbird) with same Imap accounts and I don’t have any problem of loading. I mean by blocked that I don’t ave any access to eM Client.when the loading of the messages is running.

@jackpot2804 If you cannot access your email messages in eM Client, with the same settings as Thunderbird which works for you as you advised, then could be eM Client program is being blocked from access to your Internet connection.

If you run any optional eg: firewalls / security programs, antivirus programs, vpn’s etc, try (disabling them temporarily) one at a time and reboot in between to test.

If you have no optional programs like the above, I would suggest to remove and re-add your IMAP account in eM Client as maybe something went wrong in the account setup. If you can use the “automatic setup email wizard” in eM Client.

Note:- If you do remove and re-add your email account in eM Client, make a backup first via “Menu / Backup”.

I desinstalled totally eM Client and install it again.When I define my account but only
for the messages without the calendar I don’t have any problem of loading.
But when I active this service I have to wait more than 3 minutes to access eM Client.!!
So the problem is cleary my calendar. Maybe this one is too big (more than 8 years?)

I’ts a Google mail account and Google Calendar

@jackpot2804 a Gmail calendar more than 8+ years old wouldn’t normally make any different to the loading time. I have a Google calendar more than 14 years old and doesn’t have that issue in eM Client.

I would next suggest to try repairing your Gmail Calendar in eM Client.

Note:- Before repairing your calendar, make a backup via “Menu / Backup” using eM Client for Windows.

(To Repair Google Calendar in eM Client).

Click the Calendar icon at the bottom left of eM Client.


Then “Right click” your “Gmail Calendar” and “Click Properties” at the bottom.

Next click the “Repair” tab at the top and finally click “Repair”. This will take time as eM Client has to rebuild the local calendar cache etc.

Yessss it’s run !!

Thank you for your help

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Sorry for the bad news, but the problem is back.
It’s link to the calendar file but when I use Thunderbird or other software I don’t have any problem.
So if don’t have a solution I am obliged to use an other software.
It’s a pity because I like a lot eM !!!

More … I cann’t backup or copy my calendar ? When I do that there is nothing in the backup file or
copy file.

You don’t need to. It is a Google Calendar stored on their server, so if you want to move to another application, just add the same calendar there and it will sync from the server.

If you want to export the calendar, go to Menu > File > Export > Export events to ics file.

You’re right, I know that so I have copy to the Google calendar to local calendar
and that run. But it is not a soltution if a want to sync to my other units

No, you don’t need to copy the calendar to local folders. eM Client will sync the calendar directly from the server. And on another device or application, it should do the same.

If that is not happening, remove the Gmail account from eM Client, and then add it back again. See if that fixes the sync issue.