Lists Alternate Color in rows and Gridlines Not Applied.

I’m using eM Client free.
Even though I have 'Use alternate colors in rows and ‘Show grid lines’ checked in ‘Lists Properties’ alternate neither is being applied.
Also, I found I was only able to import to the ‘Contacts’ folder. No selection for any other folder.
Is this normal?
Also, where can I find the differences between the free and the paid version of eM Client?



in the first place please tell me what version of eM Client you are using. I have tested it right now and it works. What theme do you use?
From what application did you try to import?

The difference between Free and Pro version is that Free version is limited to use 2 mail accounts only, does not include VIP support and you cannot use it for commercial use.

Sorry. I don’t have eM Cient on my system any more. I really like the product but I was still considering whether to d the same thing as I have been in MS Access.
Not sure now of the version but I did try several themes and the same thing occurred.


Ok. eM Client is back up and running.
The version is 5.0.17263.0.
Regardless of the theme the Grid lines and Alternate color rows don’t seem to work even though I have them checked.


Grid lines work only for Calendar, Contacts and Tasks.
Alternate color rows work for all the lists - send me a screenshot please. Thank you.

This is a screen shot of my Calendar Agenda. I do have more Events but I cropped them out. As you can see there doesn’t appear to be any grid lines.

They are white in this graphic Theme but I can definitely see them. Try to use Classic theme - it should be more visible.

I honestly don’t see the gridlines. If the are there they are vey, very light.
Also I don’t notice alternate row color. Every row looks white regardless of which them I use.
I have a MS Access database with datasheet views where I am able to see the gridlines very distinctly. Also alternate row colors are very noticeable.

Contact me directly at [email protected] so I can send you a modified theme. Hopefully you will be able to see the alternate row colour better.

I adjusted the settings on my monitor which did help a bit. I am able to notice the alternate line color which seem s to be a very, very light gray in all themes.

nope, I do not see alternating colouration on the message list

Hi, please go to Tools > Settings > Appereance > Lists and check the option “Use color of category as text color”, then when you assing a category to one of your items, the mail will be colored as the category color.

Hope this helps,

well, not really because I’m simply trying to improve my inbox readability by having the background colour alternate line by line, for example like it is in the email client called “Postbox”

I understand, but unfortunately it is not possible to change the background color for categories.
You could only try to use some of custom user made themes, such as a dark theme and use your eM client with a different skin.

Hope this helps,

Using 9.0
Not able to see the GRID LINES, even the option is ON
PL do the needful

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