List of locations used in calendar events


When I start typing a location for a new Calendar event I’m presented with a list of closely-matching locations I have already used. This just shows me how inconsistent I have been in naming locations! (Especially if I have made an event entry using a non-eMClient mobile app that doesn’t support this entry selection list.) So I have ended up with multiple entries for things like Big Hotel, or The Big Hotel, or The Big Hotel, Newtown, or …

Where can I find a full list of all the locations eMClient believes I have used? I’d like to edit/delete these to tidy this up.

Thanks and regards

The locations aren’t cached, but pulled directly from your calendar server. The server uses data in the same field in other events to offer suggestions.

So to “edit” the suggestions you are going to need to back and change all the events where it is entered incorrectly.

Changing all the events individually will be tedious. The calendar server I use has its own browser-based interface, but no equivalent to the eMClient locations prompts.

However, I may have found a way in eMClient of reducing (but not eliminating) the tedium. If I use the Calendar Agenda view, include the Locations among the configured columns, and Show in Groups, I can then see the clusters of misnamed or inappropriately named events. I still have to edit them individually, but at least I can now see the extent of the problem.

Thanks anyway for the prompt response.