List Contacts by Labels

I use labels to associate contacts with companies and projects. In gmail’s contacts view, the labels that I have created are on the left edge and when I select a label I’m shown a list of all contacts that have that label. I need to do that in eM Client. The contacts list does have several views to choose from but none are like what I want. The custom view might almost work, except that eM Client also shows My Contacts as a label (which I’m sure it is) and there would be hundreds, essentially most contacts, in that label’s list, which defeats the purpose of labels.

The Google labels are also shown in the left side-bar in eM Client.

Selecting just one like Coworkers in the above example, will filter only those in the right pane.

Or using the custom view to group your contacts by label, just deselect My Contacts as in the following example:

Thanks that is what I was looking for - except that when I check a label, it doesn’t filter the contact list. I have the phone list view selected, though I don’t expect that should matter?

Make sure that the top box (Contacts) is unticked. So if you just want Coworkers, that should be the only box ticked as in my screenshot above.

No, it does not matter what layout you are using.

It was the contacts checkbox…thank you for your help.

Please, @Gary:
how to send a message to all the group (eg. coworkers) using the “auto-fill” features, as if it is a Distribution list?
I ask this, because the LABELS of google appears as GROUPS in EM (eg. Coworkers).
I know that if I create a DistList in EM, it works with “auto-fill”, but it is not possible to synk it with Google LABELS.
Can you help me?

I don’t think there is any way to do that automatically, but what you can do is go to the Contacts section in eM Client and click on the Coworkers folder. Select all the contacts in the filtered list, and then right-click and choose Create Distribution List . . .

That will create a new DL with all those selected contacts.

Of course this is not a dynamic DL, as when you add new contacts to the Coworkers label at a later time, they will not be automatically added to the DL.

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Thank you for your kind, complete and quick reply!
That’s all.
I think I will select directly all the contacts within a group and right-click…send message.

Thank you again!