Links to websites within emails won't open up

When I receive emails with a link to a website it only opens up with google chrome and not internet explorer, help !

Hello Craig, links should open in the default browser you have setup on your computer, if your links open in Google Chrome, you should be able to open links in Chrome, if you need to open links by default in IE, setup IE as your default system browser.


Hello, since i Update to Windows 10, Microsoft edge cannot open mailto to emclient. It asks every time, i set emclient (ever do it), but not… It ever asks. And other programs like FileMaker says that there is not any mail program set in the System.
But in configuration I set emclient as default.

Any idea ???

Hello Joan, please make sure that you have .NET 3.5 enabled on your Windows 10 installation, the option is a part of the installation but maybe turned off by default, navigate to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Add or remove Windows features, where you should be able to enable the .NET 3.5 framework.

Hope this helps,

If you want to use for your mail eM Client, if you are using Windows 10, you must:
Open the settings for Windows 10
open “Systems”!
open “Default Applications”
in the combo open letter
in the list you must btrouver eM Client !!
Select !!
PS; This is the same process to set the default browser. Instead of selecting mail you select “Browser”

Thank you for sharing the instructions, often the mailto and send to recipient features in Windows may be unavailable due to the missing framework, this however is a common use how to use eM Client as your main application which should  allow you to use the features in general.

i did it, but still doesn’t work. I saw the properties of Windows and framwork .net 3.5 is installed already. But still doesnt work.

Please make sure that the application is setup as default or make a screenshot of any error messages you’re seeing while using mailto function from the browser. I’m unfortunately unable to replicate the issue, the new Windows will prompt about switching applications and can open a new mail from eM Client without any issues.