Links not working

Since this morning I have been unable to open any links in an email to a webpage or to open Get Support from the help menu.
I am running the latest version and I can’t be sure but the problem may have started after a Windows update yesterday.

If I run the application as an administrator the problem goes away.

Any advice about the risks of doing this or any other possible solution would be greatly appreciated.

It’s likely that Windows Update caused the problem. Setting my default browser to IE and then back again to Firefox has cured it.

Hello John,
thank you for sharing the solution to your problem on the forum :slight_smile:


Same problem but your solution did not work for me. I have tried changing default browser to edge and IE and then back . Links still do not work in email. With Firefox nothing happens when I click an email link. I just tried chrome and I get an error message

Just wanted to mention that John’s solution worked for me, too. Thanks!

For me, all browser work except Chrome.

This worked for me too… but only on some emails. I’ve tried different settings under Settings > Mail > Privacy. And the sender for the email I’m clicking on is in the “Whitelist”… ? This just started with the new “8” release after my “Pro” trial expired and I did not purchase…am I being punished?

I also have the same problem. I have a paid for version and links have just stopped working with Chrome. I looked on the forum and followed the steps, changing the default browser to IE and back to Chrome. Links worked with IE and Firefox but not with Chrome. Followed another thread and changed HTM and HTML links to Chrome all to no avail. Please can you suggest another solution.
Cheers, Nic

This happened to me today. I changed associated app for HTM and HTML files from Chrome to Microsoft Edge, but email links within Em Client didn’t work. So I set them back to Chrome. Then I changed the default browser to Firefox and now email links opened as expected. I set the default browser back to Chrome and emails were not opening any longer.

I downloaded a portable version of Chrome, which is separate from my normal Chrome browser. I set the portable version as the default web browser and emails in Em Client now opened fine. I set the default web browser back to my normal version of Chrome. Email links once again did not open.

At this point I feel strongly that the browser is the issue, not Em Client. The browser is refusing to open links for some reason. Chrome updates all the time on its own, so it makes sense that occasionally an update could break Em Client’s email link functionality. A day later Chrome had an update available, it was applied, and Em Client email links worked once again.

For anyone facing this issue, you will need to rely on a alternative browser until Chrome fixes itself. That or manually copy the links from emails into the Chrome browser. Seeing what I have I just wanted to clear Em Client of any wrong doing on this specific issue. Good luck!