links in emails do not work.

I have had an issue recently show up, url/links in emails do not work or it takes several clicks on one to get it to work. I saw a reference to this in a 2 year old email here but it was never answered by support.


Hi Steve, if you’re having issues while opening links, can you please make sure your Internet Explorer is in it’s latest available version installed on your computer and that the option “Allow programmatic clipboard access” is enabled in Internet Options under IE > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level?

Thank you,

I don’t use IE, I use Firefox and Chrome and the links do not open in my default browser. They did before about a week ago. 

Hi again Steve, eM Client is using some of the system (IE) components, for example for clipboard management, please check if you have the latest version of IE installed and check if the option is set to enable.


OK, I did that, it was set to “prompt”, it is now “enabled”. I have IE 11 installed and set to auto update so I would assume I have the newest version and restarted eM…

But it kind of fixed it but not really. When I click on a link in a email sometimes it goes to the web site, some times I just get the swirly thing indicating it’s working and it goes away in 3 or 4 sec. but never sends me to the website and some times 2 or 3 clicks of the link will send me to the link.

But it’s not work like it should and as it did till about a week ago.