Links don't work

clicking on links in email using EM Client does nothing. Links will not open in browser. Browser does not load automatically when clicking on the link in the email.

Check that you have a default browser selected. In Windows 10, go to Windows settings and choose Apps > Default Apps. Then change the browser to Internet Explorer, then back to your preferred browser.

Does not work on my PC

Works but not with Chrome (IE = ok Edge = OK, Forefox = OK)… And I use Chrome…

I also use Chrome, and it works OK.

I would think it you set Firefox as default, and then it works, but when you set Chrome as default, it doesn’t, that it has something to do with your installation/configuration of Chrome.

But then again, it could be eM Client. What version of eM Client are you using Lubechi?

If you are using 7.2.36465 or 7.2.36694, you could download the latest version of eM Client from That is currently 7.2.36775.

Ok well, guys, after playing with the “default applications” setting for quite some time, it miraculously started working with Chrome ! Thank you the mystery of Windows. 

This happened to me today. I changed associated app for HTM and HTML files from Chrome to Microsoft Edge, but email links within Em Client didn’t work. So I set them back to Chrome. Then I changed the default browser to Firefox and now email links opened as expected. I set the default browser back to Chrome and emails were not opening any longer.

I downloaded a portable version of Chrome, which is separate from my normal Chrome browser. I set the portable version as the default web browser and emails in Em Client now opened fine. I set the default web browser back to my normal version of Chrome. Email links once again did not open.

At this point I feel strongly that the browser is the issue, not Em Client. The browser is refusing to open links for some reason. Chrome updates all the time on its own, so it makes sense that occasionally an update could break Em Client’s email link functionality. A day later Chrome had an update available, it was applied, and Em Client email links worked once again.

For anyone facing this issue, you will need to rely on a alternative browser until Chrome fixes itself. That or manually copy the links from emails into the Chrome browser. Seeing what I have I just wanted to clear Em Client of any wrong doing on this specific issue. Good luck!