Link with desktop calendar

I have installed a desktop calendar app. it currently links with the outlook calendar but I would like to use eM Client as my email manager but I need to link your calendar to the desktop app. Any suggestions - which data file am i looking for

Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and add a new account by clicking on the + icon. Then select Calendar and choose your online calendar format.

Most providers will give you CalDAV details, so you will need to look that up on their website.

If the calendar is stored locally on your computer, you can import it into eM Client, but it will not sync with the original if any changes are made. To do that use Menu > File > Import > Microsoft Outlook, then select just the calendar rather than importing everything.


Many thanks for your reply. Actually I want to send the eM Client calendar to the desktop calendar

is that possible


If you are asking if you can access the eM Client local calendar using another application, then the answer is no.

The best solution is to have both applications syncing to the same online calendar, but if it is just a one-off, you can export the eM Client calendar using Menu > File > Export > Export events to .ics.